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TYTON-SIT® gaskets


Maximum pressure leak test shall not exceed the nominal value more than 0.5 MPa. In TYTON-SIT® gaskets technology also metal hooks are used, anchor mounted on the spigot end of the pipe. This kind of solution increases the resistance of the connection to the leakage-induced water impact and/or other mechanical loads.

Connections are easy to build, and thus easy and reliable for montage of installation. Pipeline connecting element is the gaskets elements both acting as the elastomeric connector and gasket. Socket connections are designed in a way that ensures maximum tightness. With the growth of the liquid pressure inside the tube increases contact pressure of the elastomeric gasket with cast iron, which results in a better tight of connection.

Application range

Installations for transmission of drinking water (waterworks) and other neutral liquids, working under pressure or without, temperature up to 120°C.